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Frequency Finderâ„¢, Inc., a RadioSoft company, was chosen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) to provide a database and registration management solution for millimeter-wave service in the range of 71-76, 81-86, and 92-95 GHz.

About the 70-90 GHz Band

The new communications band is characterized by a very low absorption from the air making possible point-to-point wireless communications with a range of up to two miles with the speed and reliability of the fiber-optics.

The Link registration process requires:

     FCC Registration Number and Nationwide Call sign

     mmRadioForms account

Free access to the Registered Links

Frequency Finderâ„¢ provides free access to all Registered Links

       Registered Links Access
Query Registered Link Database
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FCC 70-90 GHz Service

Allocations and Service Rules

Status Tracking
Flexible Data Entry 
Accurate Interference Analysis
NTIA Coordination
Real-time Registration
Customized Link Views
Comprehensive Database queries
   70-90 GHz Link Management
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